Limburger Domsingknaben


The boarding school is the home of the Limburg Cathedral Boyschoir, and is an establishment of the Limburg Diozese, in which boys from the ages of 8 - 20 live and recieve their musical education. It stands in its teaching in the old proven tradition of Catholic boarding schools whose aim it is to raise and educate young people. Whoever enters this building is surprised by its brightness, the generously proportioned rooms and the bright colours. Whoever lives here does not need to do without the feeling of home and shelter. Those who work here, whether in the administration or in the kitchen, whether in the upbringing or training try to create an atmosphere that corresponds with the newly constructed halls of the building: spacious, cheerful, light, civil! It is important to the pedagogs that the boys find their own lifeplans and life formation. Therefore life in the boarding school does not cramp freedom,it teaches the boys instead its sensible treatment. There is a great demand on the boys through school and choir, therefore they are helped with their homework by professionals. Qualified teachers offer support courses in the subjects in which they are weak. However this is not only a boarding school that helps to improve scholastic performance but also an establishment that, together with the boys' parents wants to realize an upbringing within the christian faith.

The house understands itself as an supplement to parental upbringing and values the contact with parents. The boys travel home usually every fortnight for a long weekend. There are regular invitations to musical evenings, parent days, meetings and talks. The director Christoph Meurer and the group pedagogs are always available for talks with parents. 

Leisure time is also important: Both house and grounds offer a lot for playing, sport, culture and education. The town of Hadamar and the nearby forest offer many opportunities which are used often and with pleasure.