Limburger Domsingknaben


Founded in 1967 by Bishop Dr. Wilhelm Kempf, the Limburger Domsingknaben are by now considered one of the most famous boy's choirs in Germany.

The choir's most important task is to add to the solemnity of the High Masses in the cathedral of Limburg. 

Especially with concerts, recordings and through participation in performances at one of the major Frankfurt Opera houses the choir has attained a piblicly recognized status. The was probably enhanced by the fact that the Limburger Domsingknaben were supplied with an appropriate home, their own boarding school, close to Limburg. That's where the 130 choir members, aged 8-20, receive universal musical instructions together with a Christian education.

The boy's choir which is ative in masses and concerts throughout the year is equipped with an abundant repertoire. The musical literature reaching from Gregorian chant to contemporary works is worked our by the young singers in rehearsals from Monday to Thursday.

The repertoire includes masses for several voices and motets by Palestrina, Lassus, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Bruckner and modern compositions, masses with orchestral accompaniment of the Vienna classical period, as well as folksongs and madrigals from all over the world.

Among the major activities of this choir are numerous domestic and international journeys: France, Italy, Poland, Hungary and Finland were the latest places that left remaining impressions and a feeling of accomplishment.